Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Trade - Friday - 3 month TEEs Me, Please! promo package.

Up for trade is a 3 month promotional package from TEEs Me, Please! The value of this is $50.

 If you want this package then the item you trade up with must be worth more than $50.00

3 month promotions package:
For 3 months of promotion it is $50. This is full-time promotion (banners on website, regular tweets, referrals, shoutouts on facebook, blogs, added to a business directory and more). If you would like the occassional day with me wearing your TEE (or other item)and you have a TEE then there is no extra cost (except what it will cost you to send it to me). If you do not have a TEE and want me to make a TEE up there will be a small additional cost to cover this.

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