Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Trade Up" Fundraiser for Tashas Hope for Sight - begins

New trade: The necklace has been traded up for beautiful handcrafted Soy wax candles.... value $25 (& will be posted by owner). If you want to trade up for these the item must have a minimum value of $25 and you must specify if you will post or if you want the other person to pay postage. 

Please comment below.

This is the item that we will begin the trade up with. It is a pewter Young Zone brand necklace. It reatils for $15-$20... but for the purposes of the Trade-up i am saying it is a $5.00 value. I will post this for free within Australia.

If you would like to trade up from this the item you have on offer must be offer $5.00 value. If you want to trade up you can comment here (or email me ar I will need to know the value, a desctiption and whther you will be covering postage etc.

If you are still not sure how this works please ask. Remember out goal is Plane tickets for Tasha. Thank you

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Trade Up" Fundraiser for Tashas Hope for Sight

I will be running another fundraiser for Tasha's hope for Sight. I will be running it here on the blog.

How this will work is I will start the fundraiser with a small item. I will put this up to trade for an item of slightly higher value (eg i will put up a necklace selling for $10 and I may receive a $15 voucher to exchange). I will then put the voucher up for exchange and I may recieve a $25 gift set to exchange amd so on until we reach our goal.

The goal is Tasha's plane ticket to China ($1500) or something that we can auction/sell to cover the cost of the tickets. If we raise more that will go towards other costs; if we dont raise $1500 we will still put it to the tickets.

Tasha's family has another 6 weeks to raise $17 000 so I will run the fundraiser for 2 weeks and re-evaluate from there.

I cannot cover the cost of all items to be posted so if donors or buyers can cover the cost of postage that would be fantastic. I will cover the cost of items I am donating. Some items may be too big too post and you may need to oranise pick-up yourself.

If you have a photo of the item that would help. Please describe your item as accurately as possible please, including faults. Items do not have to brand new but in good condition please.

Please only take part if you can honour your commitment. If you cannot help by taking part please could spread the word, especially to larger businesses. A lot of smaller business and private individuals have helped Tasha and her family and have helped TJ with his ride.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The home stretch - well done TJ

Today TJ is on the home stretch. He is being escorted by Tasha's father to Strathpine (his destination). He will be met at Westfield where there is cake and a reception planned. All along we wanted to do thos ride with him and now I wish we had been able to make it to meet him. Renee has had a few interviews about the ride and hopefully people will come and meet him and also donate to Tasha's fund.

I may not say it much but we are proud of  T.J. Even though countless problems arose he kept with it and I am very proud of his commitment.

I have changed the settings on this blog so that anyone can leave a comment. So please let TJ now what you think about his ride (or add your belated birthday wishes to the birthday post).

I haven't kept the blog up-to-date as the fanpage was where the most people were but I will be bringing it up to date today (as much as I can around sick kids).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

T.J was 50 km outside of Grafton this morning. He is now 10 km away. He has an appointment at an Emergency Dental Clinic as he has problems with his teeth and he is in pain.

The Coffs Harbour Advocate has a small mention of the ride in today's paper.

Renee Hyde has informed us that b105 fm will be airing the ride next week.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 - Day 6

It was my turn to wake T.J. up :) Well he was awake but still snuggled in his hammock trying to keep warm. I asked him why he didn't use his tent or at least his emergency blanket in his first Aid kit. He didn't think he would have been any warmer in the tent. He didn't realise it was almost 8 am and he hurried to get ready.

One of the back lights snapped and he stopped to try to glue it. It wasn't sticking so he is down one back light which may mean another trip to a bike-shop.

I have been contacting more people in regards to TJ's ride and his reason for the ride (tasha Hyde). Renee (her mother) has also been contacting the media and so have other supporters. Wuithout more public awareness of what Tj is doing it may be in vain. He did not undertake the ride for his health, or to fulfill a lifelong dream or to break any records. He is riding to raise money and awareness for Tasha. He doesn't know Renee or Tasha and originally thought of the ride as I was at a loss to know how to help Renee. But he is riding, even without much media attention and he is couting on me to get him the attention.

We have a fantastic fanbase and they have been supportive, as have the businesses and indivuals that contributed to getting the ride off the ground, but we need more people to donate. We can ask the same people to donate over and over again. I don't want people to think that we aren't grateful; we are. But we need more people on board. $21000 is a lot to raise and I told TJ he wouldn't have to do all of that on his own.

Tj has been going strong. He couldn't find anywhere to have lunch so he pulled over and had lunch from his packed rations. As i was talking to him Renee messaged me that Channel 7 may be interested in the story (she followed that up with a phone call and we are holding off on contacting any more media).

Tj sent through another pic. He is 32 km from Newcastle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday T.J.

          Happy Birthday T.J.
We are all very proud of you, and amazed :)  We will miss you today but we will spoil you when you come back.

You are welcome to share birthday greetings with T.J.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you to our Sponsors & Donors :)

About the ride: On May 1st, 2010, T.J left on a 1250km bike ride from Molong NSW to Brisbane Qld to raise funds for Tasha Hyde (

The ride was made possible by the generous support and donations of many individuals and businesses. Thank you.

  • Sportspower in Orange: Donated shoes, socks, riding gloves and a co-donated a pair of ”skins”. 
  • Ron Boulton Cycles in Orange: Donated labour (making sure the bike was roadworthy), pedals, handgrips, bell, inner tubes, patches, and a sizeable discount on all other equipment (the discount was large enough to cover a pair of special riding pants for T.J), plus lots of advice.
  • Pumpkin Patch in Orange: Donated a gift voucher to be used for Tasha’s Hope for Sight. This was used in a raffle to rasise funds for the ride.
  • Angus & Robertson in Orange: Donated a gift voucher to be used for Tasha’s Hope for Sight. This was used in a raffle to rasise funds for the ride.
  • Jack Evans Workwear and Camping in Orange: Donated a gift voucher to be used for Tasha’s Hope for Sight. This was used in a raffle to rasise funds for the ride.
  • Bree Attasignh: Donated rain gear, batteries, odometer & LED blinker/lights for the ride.
  • The annonymous man: that donated $5.00 to Tasha’s Hope for Sight. [This was donated straight to Tasha via the website].
  • Rob from Be Tempted at Barnsey’s: Lent T.J a handlebear extension.
  • Faith Gallaty: donation (which covered the cost of 2 x $10 phone cards, mozzie repellant, sun screen & a safety vest).
  • Sam: $20 donation which bought T.J. the front light for his bike.
  • Rosemary: $20 which went towards T.J’s polarised sunglasses (he was advised that these would be better for this type of trek as they cut down the glare).
  • Eric: Providing a mountain bike for T.J. (without this bike the ride would have been more difficult).
  • Mrs Annette Rauk: Donated money to buy T.J. his “skins” (co-donated with Sportspower)
  • NRMA in Molong: Provided maps, a log book and accomadtion guides.
  • Anime in Abbortsford: Provided a $25 gift voucher for the raffle.
  • Freemason Hotel in Molong: Provided a Dinner for 2 for the raffle.
  • Home Timber & Hardware in Molong: Donated an enamel drinking cup and tent pegs.
  • Sonia of Melting Away: Donated a bracelet and earring set to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • Esther Minglis of LR Health &  Beauty Systems: Donated a Aloe Vera Box to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • Bright Star Kids Agent - Michele Riddle: Donated 2 bag tags to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • Sweet As Babycakes: Donated a bandana and a Sensory Snuggle Blankie to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • Amelia’s Fairy Boutique: donated a dummy clip, a headband and a fairy tee to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • TEEs Me, Please! Bought a helmet for T.J’s ride and donated a promotions package to be auctioned to raise funds for the ride.
  • Rebecca Catton: Donated the Jack Evans voucher that she won back to T.J. He used it to buy 2 saddlebags and a camping mattress.
  • Molong Newsagency: Donated raffle books.
  • Molong Bakery: Donated $50 for Tasha.
  • B.P. in Mount Lambie: Donated $20 to Tasha.
  • An anonymous lady: donated clips to be used as prizes during the auction.
  • A friend: Donated money to T.J. for a meal &  drinks.
  • Margaret of Molong Library, Be Tempted at Barnsey’s in Molong, The Korner Shop in Molong, Ron Boulton Bikes in Orange, The Molong Newsagency and The Freemasons Hotel sold raffle tickets.
  • Thank you to all the people that have purchased raffle tickets and items from the auction and that have donated money for Tasha to T.J. on his ride.
  • Thank you also to Juice F.M. 107.3, The Molong Express and The Central Daily Western for their coverage of the ride.
  • Thank you also to the shops that have allowed us to place signs about the Ride in their window.

I have tried not to leave anyone off the list. If I have left anyone off the list I will rectify it. Thank you.