Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The home stretch - well done TJ

Today TJ is on the home stretch. He is being escorted by Tasha's father to Strathpine (his destination). He will be met at Westfield where there is cake and a reception planned. All along we wanted to do thos ride with him and now I wish we had been able to make it to meet him. Renee has had a few interviews about the ride and hopefully people will come and meet him and also donate to Tasha's fund.

I may not say it much but we are proud of  T.J. Even though countless problems arose he kept with it and I am very proud of his commitment.

I have changed the settings on this blog so that anyone can leave a comment. So please let TJ now what you think about his ride (or add your belated birthday wishes to the birthday post).

I haven't kept the blog up-to-date as the fanpage was where the most people were but I will be bringing it up to date today (as much as I can around sick kids).


  1. way to go awesome effort T.J.
    you should be very proud of your efforts.
    Belated happy birthday .wendy

  2. well done tj never meet u bro but lots of love from the graham whanau xo

  3. Wot!! GO TJ!!! You've done such an awesome thing and everyone's proud of you - Fingers crossed you get the recognition you deserve today.

    WTG - I bet you can't wait to get home! :D

  4. Good job bro we r so proud of what u have done happy bday and enjoy yr rest u need it

  5. Many congratulations on a job well done. You have certainly had some hiccups along the way but you kept going and reached your goal.
    To do something like this for a little girl takes a lot of heart, and stamina!!
    Bless you, and belated birthday greetings.

  6. Well done TJ you have put in an awesome effort for a special little girl. You should be very proud of yourself as we are very proud of you.