Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 - Day 6

It was my turn to wake T.J. up :) Well he was awake but still snuggled in his hammock trying to keep warm. I asked him why he didn't use his tent or at least his emergency blanket in his first Aid kit. He didn't think he would have been any warmer in the tent. He didn't realise it was almost 8 am and he hurried to get ready.

One of the back lights snapped and he stopped to try to glue it. It wasn't sticking so he is down one back light which may mean another trip to a bike-shop.

I have been contacting more people in regards to TJ's ride and his reason for the ride (tasha Hyde). Renee (her mother) has also been contacting the media and so have other supporters. Wuithout more public awareness of what Tj is doing it may be in vain. He did not undertake the ride for his health, or to fulfill a lifelong dream or to break any records. He is riding to raise money and awareness for Tasha. He doesn't know Renee or Tasha and originally thought of the ride as I was at a loss to know how to help Renee. But he is riding, even without much media attention and he is couting on me to get him the attention.

We have a fantastic fanbase and they have been supportive, as have the businesses and indivuals that contributed to getting the ride off the ground, but we need more people to donate. We can ask the same people to donate over and over again. I don't want people to think that we aren't grateful; we are. But we need more people on board. $21000 is a lot to raise and I told TJ he wouldn't have to do all of that on his own.

Tj has been going strong. He couldn't find anywhere to have lunch so he pulled over and had lunch from his packed rations. As i was talking to him Renee messaged me that Channel 7 may be interested in the story (she followed that up with a phone call and we are holding off on contacting any more media).

Tj sent through another pic. He is 32 km from Newcastle.

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