Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Trade Up" Fundraiser for Tashas Hope for Sight - begins

New trade: The necklace has been traded up for beautiful handcrafted Soy wax candles.... value $25 (& will be posted by owner). If you want to trade up for these the item must have a minimum value of $25 and you must specify if you will post or if you want the other person to pay postage. 

Please comment below.

This is the item that we will begin the trade up with. It is a pewter Young Zone brand necklace. It reatils for $15-$20... but for the purposes of the Trade-up i am saying it is a $5.00 value. I will post this for free within Australia.

If you would like to trade up from this the item you have on offer must be offer $5.00 value. If you want to trade up you can comment here (or email me ar I will need to know the value, a desctiption and whther you will be covering postage etc.

If you are still not sure how this works please ask. Remember out goal is Plane tickets for Tasha. Thank you


  1. i wil trade u for candles

  2. The necklace has been traded up for candles.... I'll add the details up on the original post.