Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Trade Up" Fundraiser for Tashas Hope for Sight

I will be running another fundraiser for Tasha's hope for Sight. I will be running it here on the blog.

How this will work is I will start the fundraiser with a small item. I will put this up to trade for an item of slightly higher value (eg i will put up a necklace selling for $10 and I may receive a $15 voucher to exchange). I will then put the voucher up for exchange and I may recieve a $25 gift set to exchange amd so on until we reach our goal.

The goal is Tasha's plane ticket to China ($1500) or something that we can auction/sell to cover the cost of the tickets. If we raise more that will go towards other costs; if we dont raise $1500 we will still put it to the tickets.

Tasha's family has another 6 weeks to raise $17 000 so I will run the fundraiser for 2 weeks and re-evaluate from there.

I cannot cover the cost of all items to be posted so if donors or buyers can cover the cost of postage that would be fantastic. I will cover the cost of items I am donating. Some items may be too big too post and you may need to oranise pick-up yourself.

If you have a photo of the item that would help. Please describe your item as accurately as possible please, including faults. Items do not have to brand new but in good condition please.

Please only take part if you can honour your commitment. If you cannot help by taking part please could spread the word, especially to larger businesses. A lot of smaller business and private individuals have helped Tasha and her family and have helped TJ with his ride.

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