Saturday, March 27, 2010

List of items needed for TJ's trek

Items that TJ needs for the TREK (updated):
  • a bike (Ron Boulton Bikes in Orange have said that they have a second hand bike that would be good for the job.... it needs a little bit of loving and it will go the miles apparently. If they can get another business to help them out (by donating about $250)  they can donate the bike and the extras that TJ needs.)
  • handle extension (Be Tempted at Barnsey's in Molong is lending one to TJ)
  • spare set of wheels
  • min 3 sets of tubes
  • helmet (tj's helmet was recently wrecked)
  • camel  (a backpack drinking bottle designed for long Treks; it doesn't have to be that brand)
  • new pair runners (Sportspower in Orange have supplied these and a pair of riding gloves to TJ) 
  • flag (to be visual to trucks)
  • lights (blinkers)
  • lights (generator)  
  • 2 repair kits 
  • phone card (3 x $10)
  • sunscreen 
  • mozzie lotion
  • rain gear (suitable for riding) (Provided by Bree Attasignh)
  • map
  • list of places to stay (eg caravan parks)
  • torch batteries (AAA) (Provided by Bree Attasignh)
  • food 
  • seat cover (in case of rain)
  • odometer (to keep track of how many kms he has done so that he can meet his daily kms)
  • bike pants (the one's with the padded seat)

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