Sunday, March 21, 2010

welcome to the blog

Hello. I am Bron Mitchell and this blog is about my boyfriend T.J. and the amazing ride that he has planned. He plans to ride 1000kms (approx) from our small country village in NSW to Brisbane Qld. This trek will take approx 7-10 days. I would like to go along with him, taking the kids, and recording it for TEEs Me, Please! but as the trek was thought of at the last minute and we don't have much time to organise it all, I'm not sure about us joining him.

T.J. is riding to help raise money for Tasha (a 9 year old girl with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) and Cerebal Palsy). In September 2010 Tasha can have the operation that she needs to give her sight but the operation has to be paid for by the end of April 2010 (for Tasha's full story please go to Tasha's Hope for Sight). T.J knew that I wanted to help Renee (tasha's mum) but I didn't know what I could do to raise the amount of money that is still needed (approx $39000 AUD) and that is when he thought of the trek.

We have spoken to possible sponsors and are still trying to finalise a bike. We haven't organised anything like this before and at time's it's overwhelming. The list of what T.J. needs to start the trek is long and we cannot pay for it ourselves so sponsors are crucial. Anysponsors will receive lifetime advertising on my website ( as well as on the blog.

I will keep this updated with news about the trek. I welcome new ideas and please pass the word.

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